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I believe an effective and meaningful photograph begins with an authentic connection between the photographer and the subject. Let’s document those moments you’ll treasure for the rest of your days.

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I’m here to capture the small, fleeting, ordinary, extraordinary moments that make up a life and a love story--not just how they looked, but how they felt. 

moments captured with purpose, passion, and attention to detail.

Anti-Bride Styled Shoot

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If you know me, fashion and styling have always been a way of self-expression and exploration. This anti-bride inspired photoshoot was just that.

I have an infinite love for scouting out locations, coordinating wardrobe, finding inspiration in the most mundane of locations, and bringing it all together through photography. I shot on digital and film in some bright midday light for this modern anti-bride-styled shoot. Annie was more than happy to let me experiment with styling and photographing this modern anti-bride-inspired styled shoot. We found an Old Motel and a little pink chapel from the sci-fi flick “Mars Attacks” located in Dolan Springs. The location itself serves as a metaphor for breaking free from the traditional wedding mold. It’s about finding inspiration in the mundane and creating a space to be unique to you. The atmosphere is electric, filled with excitement and a sense of rebellion against societal expectations.

We coordinated dresses, shoes, hair & makeup and created two different looks for the day that completely exceeded my expectations.

I made the bright anti-bride-inspired bouquet to incorporate into our styled shoot. The short veil and sheer gloves bring this simple white dress to the modern wedding dress level. I’m all about finding simple pieces with a great fit. Then, spicing it up with accessories like shades, a hat, a bright bouquet, bold lipstick, or a good pair of shoes is what brings this whole look together. This rebellious mix of elements creates a unique look that is distinctly anti-bride and unapologetically yourself. It’s all about the freedom to express oneself without conforming to traditional expectations.

The modern anti-bride-inspired photo shoot is a testament to the power of embracing individuality and breaking free from the constraints of traditional wedding norms.

We often get sucked into traditions that don’t resonate with who we are in order to please our families or friends. At the end of the day, this is your day and you should do with it what you please. This includes your wedding dress, who you choose to spend your day with, or anything else for that matter! Encouraging brides to follow their gut and design a wedding day that authentically represents their personalities and values is what a modern wedding is all about. By celebrating uniqueness and challenging societal expectations, we pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse wedding culture, where every bride can feel seen, heard, and empowered on her wedding day. Let us remember that weddings are not just about conforming to traditions, but about celebrating love, individuality, and the start of a beautiful adventure together.

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